Pizza – red onion, pepper, chorizo and caper

A couple of weekends ago I had the good fortune to stumble upon the amazing Franco Manca whilst at a street festival in Brixton. I was torn between sampling the Caribbean fare that lined the streets or trying one of Franco Manca’s pizzas which I had heard so many good things about. All things considered I rather guiltily chose the latter, figuring that the unusually small waiting time for a table was too good to dismiss and I could get my jerk chicken fix at Nottinghill Carnival in a few weeks time anyway. To cut a long story short – it was awesome. Cheap too. A week or so later I decided to make my own.


Making pizza is so freaking easy:

For the dough: See here.

For the tomato sauce: 
Tin of tomatoes
Tsp sugar
Dried (and/or fresh) oregano and basil
Splash red wine vinegar

Whatever you want! I used mozzarella, red and yellow peppers, red onion, chorizo, capers, and a sprinkling of mature cheddar.

Making pizza is so freaking easy:

– Make your dough – I used Jamie’s recipe and it was really good. My crust rose unexpectedly high in the oven, so if you like your crust thin I’d recommend rolling it out thinner than you’d think…

– Make a tomato sauce (do this whilst the dough is rising). Simmer a tin of tomatoes with a teaspoon of sugar, splash of red wine vinegar, fresh oregano, dried oregano and fresh basil for about 20 mins or until thickened. Season and leave to cool.

– Spoon sauce onto rolled out dough. Scatter with torn mozzarella. Whack on toppings of your choice (don’t be tempted to ‘overtop’ – it will become a homogeneous mush). Grate over some cheddar cheese.

– Cook at 200ºC for about 20 minutes. Serve with salad.

If you have any left over dough (I did even though I halved the dough recipe) make a few smaller, individual size pizzas, whack them in the freezer once cool – you have a easy and delicious go-to lunch!

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2 Responses to Pizza – red onion, pepper, chorizo and caper

  1. jencas27 says:

    This looks amaaazing! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award Woot! Check it out

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